About me

Photographer – [fòtògraf]: from the Greek, φωτoς (photos: light, clarity) and graph (γραφειν: graphein: paint, draw, write).

The photographer is the person who takes photos or says more nicely: “the one who painted with the light” …

But being a photographer is also:

– Know how to align perfectly your pictures.
– Use the ‘M’ mode (or Av, Tv)
– Knowing good “places”.
– Share your good places (well, we can talk about).
– Have a good aesthetics sense (we can talk about that too)
– Know what to do when your lenses go under the rain.
– Know how to use light without burning your masterpiece.
– Know how to print your pictures without having small squares everywhere.
– Being able to sell your pictures instead of give it for pleasure (or not).
– Understand and use the words wisely: MAP, collimators, APSC, RAW, opening, speed, ISO, …

So, they are quite a lot of people able to do that : Amateurs, professionals, architecture fans, wedding makers, nature lovers, …

There are the ones that shoot in all directions and the most patients who take a picture once every six months.

Those who wait for hours in the carriages and those who walk for miles into the forest, …

And I could spend hours and hours amazed in front of their pictures …


But I didn’t have all these knowledge’s …

In summary we can say that I am :

– A woman
– Geek
– Human brain fan (It is said that the correct word is “researcher”)
– Clinician and passionate about my job
– Owner of an adorable dog
– Crazy about pirate stories
– Lousy in  kitchen
– First Aid volunteer
– Clumsy
– (more than) thirty-year-old
– Cellist and one day pianist (well no, I have a cello and an old piano and it stops there).

And I have the most wonderful friends who helped me to acquires my first second-hand reflex in 2015.

Since, sometimes, and by chance, (and a bit of post-prod treatment), I manage to produce one or two other nice photo.

And I would like to share them somewhere.

So welcome to this non-photographer website… just for fun.